Book cover design for The Holy Bible (no edition in particular, though you may assume it is KJV). The cover measures 9" X 6". I drew this painting of Jesus. The approach here was that Jesus' image, and the Cross are so iconic that there was no need for typography, nor for explaining what this book was about; everyone knows it! However, this is far from an actual execution of minimalism; if I had to do another Bible Cover, there would probably be a just a small Cross, and that's it (that style of Bible Covers has been done for centuries however).

Alt Book Cover Concept. A dust jacket for a hardcover copy of Frankenstein measuring 9.5” X 6.5” X 1.5” (with 4" jacket flaps on each end). The mockup here shows the Hardcover version, I do however have the full jacket layout, which I will print in the near future.

The measurement is my own and not based on any actual copy of Frankenstein, the ISBN # is likewise also a fictional one. The measurement is actually slightly larger (by 1/2" on every dimension) than the industry standard for hardcover fiction novels. Used various assets for texture, heavily edited in photoshop, and I drew the illustration myself with a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

A book cover redesign of Frank Herbert's legendary Dune Novel. With Slipcase that comes in two designs: One with a splash of red, the other completely grey. The five images here show the red case coming off, and the grey case going on.

Book cover design for The Necronomicon, which is a fictional occult tome in the cosmic horror universe written by H.P. Lovecraft. Reimagined as a modern day self-help book. The cover measures 9" X 6".

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